Being Present

Though they discuss from among the same set of spiritual topics in every discourse, but every time it seems to give me a new view and understanding of an “old known” teaching. And usually this renewed view of the teaching would be an answer to some recent “doubt”, “confusions” or “question” that I may have had in my mind. Forgiveness was the theme of today’s satsang in Newton. Without truely forgiving (whosoever we might be expecting to owe us something – an apology, revenge etc.) it is impossible for us to be liberated. Both the creditor and debtor have to appear for settlement of the account. If, however, we forgive then only the other person would have to be answerable for his/her attitude/actions whatsoever. This is a lofty virtu and demands a huge courage on part of the forgiver. A conversation from one of Baba Ji’s Q&A session was quoted (paraphrased) whose gist was that “there’s no concept of justice in Lord’s court; all there is Mercy and Forgiveness. Had everything been absolutely just here then we can easily imagine what we must be put through, especially in this plane where we kill even while breathing and walking!” Again, to let go and truely forgive – i.e. no thought about perpetrator – are lofty standards and not for the faint hearted. Then, in the habitual hair-splitter and analytical mind the thought arises that how to inculcate this virtu or at least how to stop ourselves from being vengeful. I think the answer is not too far, though it is difficult to put in practice. We must scrutinize all our thoughts and actions and always keep in mind that every task we do is His task and not mine – just take the self out of everything. Stop attaching the “I” and “mine” with our actions. That said, we certainly need to be extreemely cautious of the actions –  I cannot go and hurt someone and declare that it was His task! I think if we are always keeping the Satguru in our mind then we cannot do anything wrong. Multiple things of varying degree of attention attached to them are constantly running in our mind. This is the problem – thought of the Satguru gets lost in this constant chatter and outside distractions. I think to be focussed and paying all our attention to Him is what He meant when Maharaj Ji said the we must learn to “be present” to be able to receive His Mercy and Grace. When we are always “present” then where is the question of any worry, attachment or any negative or positive thought? But this comes with His Grace alone!


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