Do unto others as …

Life’s not easy — mind doesn’t let it be so. Mind wants to forgive itself of any wrong thoughts or deeds, but for others doing the same things it is not a feeble bit forgiving! It takes repeated persuasion to tell it that what it thinks is not rational. But by remembering the ultimate goal and murshid‘s words it slowly calms down and takes a more forgiving view.

Last night I watched the Christopher Nolan’s 2010 Inception. A compelling film around the idea of butterfly dream of Master Chuang Tzu. The film left me thinking for a while … I sort of went into my own “thinking dream”. I take so many things for granted in life. Many things I don’t think deep enough about. While both were in the realm of a dream, a very interesting thing Cobb asks to Ariadne: “ you remember exactly how did you come here“. In “real” life too how many of us can trace back our memory of how we ended up where we are today? We see the child grow right from after the birth, but the child may not remember the starting years. Like in the film, we “find ourselves” right in the middle of the “dream” and continue from there until we die. Death is another think that I didn’t think much about until before the last week of August 2010.


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