Master’s Grace

I recently taught a class at a university for the first time in my life as an instructor. My class had a mix of 40 very poor to very brilliant students. Only about 10 would show up in the class through the semester. Among these 10 were the best as well as the poorest students of my class. The brilliant will pass the course anyways and of course are dear to me. Of these 10, the poorest too will be passed just because they have been regular to the class. 
While driving back home today, I was thinking to myself that when this is the situation of a mere worldly instructor teaching some students in a university, what to talk of a Perfect Master. The point that became visible to me in a new light was huzur’s words about regularity in meditation: “मन लगे या न लगे फ़र्ज़ समझ कर बैठो … भजन-सिमरन में कभी नागा नहीं डालना!” 
Our beloved Master bestows His Grace upon us despite our repeated failings to keep up to His teachings.