Our actions bring us face to face with situations both pleasant and not so pleasant. Our life is kind of an endless cycle of: facing a choice then choosing and acting on it and then facing action’s results which again throws some choice before us. At least at gross physical level it continues like this until we die. Remaining stationary probably won’t bring choices. 

After a recent and quite anxiety filled experience of missing a flight my mind would not stop examining the emotions I went through during that experience. Today when those stupidly anxious moments are over and I’m comfortably sitting in my study, I thought it will be interesting to rewind the film and try examining various dimensions. 

Whenever I face a somewhat difficult situation following three paths are possible to go through the experience:

  1. I may not have anticipated the situation and when it arises I become anxious. In this case going through the situation will very likely be stressful.
  2. I anticipated the situation and am mentally and logistically prepared to navigate through it. It is likely to be less stressful, at least emotionally.
  3. I just live in the moment, concerning myself with taking right (right and wrong are again all relative terms) actions and remain detached from the outcomes that they may produce. I have not been able to follow this path all the time.

Most of the time we go through path #1. After going through this path sufficient number times some of us learn and move to either of the paths 2 and 3. Some of us get stuck in #2 for a long time. Those who are blessed move, by His Grace, to the third path. I generally read and hear the Mystics say that eventually all of us move to third path.


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