Visiting a hospital can be a very humbling and eye-opening experience in many ways. In recent past I have been visiting hospitals for one reason or another. Recently I went to Fortis Mohali for some consultations regarding my mom’s condition. While we were waiting to see the doctor, I would notice the patients. Most patients were elderly men and women and few were young adults accompanied by thier respective attendants. May be this was just a conincident, in the elderly group, I saw more men accompanying their unwell wives (how did I know if they were a couple — I’ll write about it another time!) than the other way around on the days I was at the hospital. Those elderly men and women showed utmost care for thier unwell partners there. Most couples were not accompanied by any other family members. Some were on wheelchair with the other partner pushing it.

I was moved to see one particular couple: a lean sikh gentleman of about 70 was accompanying his wife. She appeared quite worried while he was comforting her by explaing some documents which appeared to be some diagnostic test reports. On thier turn he very gently took her hands and walked her into doctor’s cabin. We were the next to see that doctor.

Most couples of my parent’s generation that I know have given thier enire lives to raise and nurture the families, with wives holding the fort at home and the husbands at work. Driving back home after the hospital visit I kept thinking about the life in old age. I had mixed feelings. It was pleasantly touching to see some elderly partners care so lovingly for thier unwell spouse. In some cases I felt sad to see the elderly couples struggle alone to deal with the hospital running around.


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