Relinquishing control

Just relaxing in the back seat when someone else who is experienced and is trustworthy is at the wheel is so much fun I realized last Sunday while returning from Lucknow after hearing the Murshid‘s satsang. Lucknow to Kanpur highway is quite good. The weather during the day time was very pleasant this weekend. I rolled the windows down and feeling of the air on my face while fields turned yellow and green alongside the road gave an amazing experience. I went about 20 years back in time in my thoughts remembering the ride with dad on his motorcycle from Bains to my grand parents’ home in HP. Ever since I gained dad’s trust in my driving skills, back at home it is almost always I who is at the wheel whenever the family travels by car and I always miss the relaxing comfort of being in the back seat.

My mind starts to draw spiritual parallels from this changing experiences in the journey. Such is the impact of hearing Him which stays with you for some time that you always try to look at things with spiritual lenses :). Journey was enjoyable and fun because I gave up control to someone who knew the way and was experienced and trusted driver. Most of the way was smooth, but in the rough stretch of the journey too my driver sailed smooth as I relaxed in the back seat. And he didn’t honk even a single time*!! Unbelievable in Kanpur!

My weekend was blessed!

* I said thanks to the driver after he brought me home and that is when he told me: “साब कार का होर्न खराब था, नहीं तो थोडा जल्दी पहुंचा देता!” 🙂


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