He’s the Driver

Whenever I try to think about the deeper meaning and purpose of life I go to some depth and then get lost after a while. A closer look at life clearly reveals that most of the events of life are my reactions to the happenings around. The way I chose to react certainly played a big role in determining its effect on me. I know some events had to happen that way and perhaps I had to react in a particular manner, however, it is only by His Grace that can make me indifferent to the events and the final outcome of my reactions. There are many ‘whys’ and ‘what ifs’ that I cannot clearly answer for myself. In the end I usually stop at leaving it to Him. And I think this is the right thing. Going deeper into the analysis makes the vision a bit murkier and I think it happens because such analyses promotes a sense of self and duality. In this unknown journey of life I try to act as driver of the car of my life and I think this is the mistake. He is the Driver I’m just a passenger.


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