Satguru’s Will

As usual, the Satsang this weekend was amazing. There’s always a personal message the we all bring home from such discourses. One of the point that hit me was “moving from expectations to submission”. I often struggle with my feeble mind to figure out what is His Will. I’m constantly on the lookout for a formula that can be used to evaluate any given situation to find out whether the situation is His Will or someone else’s. I’ve not been very happy with my life since past few years. Every day it seems to be aggravating. This forces me to seek shelter in Satguru’s teachings. In a way this is very good as it forces me to look inside me. Coming back to the satsang’s point of “moving from expectation to submision”, I think the need is to relax the mind. I try to counsel my mind that: “Look, you have done the best you could do for achieving happiness and harmony in your worldly life. You have taken every possible care under your control not to hurt anyone and keep everyone happy. Despite that if you do not get the peace and happiness, then perhaps this is what is His mauj. While going through it, you may clearly see that others may not be acting rationally or may be acting in very selfish manner, thus causing much pain in your life, but still the need is to overlook their failures and shortcomings. Perhaps this is what He wants them to do. However, at the same time do not keep lying like a doormat in front of them for ever. Move on and protect yourself. Keep your life objective, that Guru has taught, in front of you all the time.”


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