Higher mind

Often my mind drags me into the whirpool of worries. After I endure the blows for a while I turn to Him for mercy and showing the way. He shows a ray of hope by activating the higher mind which suggests what alterations should be made to my approach to life so that I may remain least affected by the storms of worry. Lately one particular suggestion of the higher mind has been recurring very often: “Nothing belongs to you; everything is His so He may give it, take it or do whatever with it as He wishes. It is not your business to mourn the loss or to be exulted at some gain. Feelingwise be indifferent towards the world; feel only for the Satguru.” Now that’s a tall order. It is not always clear in some circumstances that what I should really do, afterall our karma is enforced through our desires. I wish there could be a “User’s manual” for my life that I could refer to for every such situation!


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