disney-chicken-little-sky-falling.pngThere’s always a constant chatter going on in my mind – lately it is mostly the analytcal criticism of myself and others. Even this post is the byproduct such a mind-chatter. True serenity lies in the stillness of mind which of course is the chief endeavor of each satsangi. Living according to Sant Mat principles is not easy. Each step and thought needs to be scrutinized. I sometimes feel like not doing or thinking anything at all- just keep my indulgence in thoughts and activities to a bare minimal. But then one or the other environmental factors and my worldly attachments push me into the whirlpool of thoughts and actions which I know are useless but still have to be done. At times this urge to stay inert causes a feeling of guilt of running away from my worldly duties. Then I really wish if I could be a robot – no clutter of emotions and thoughts. I think environment in terms of our associations with people (family, friends and co-workers etc.) is extreemely imporant and is deterimental to one’s well being both worldly and spiritual.

Looking at the above lines I’m realizing that these are simple facts I’ve heard and read many times but it sinks in only with experience.


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