Taking the test

chickenlittle6.jpgAt times I come accros something or someone that uncovers and makes me think about those weaker points about me which are not comfortable to think about. Those are the kind of points which I always know are there in me and often try to correct them as well, but with little success. Recently I was reading a great Saint’s message which showed me my true picture.

“When people think that they have renounced everything as a result of reading holy books and analytical thinking, they are only deceiving themselves. It is a great mistake. They have not yet tested their mind and senses. When they are brought face to face with the allurements of sensual pleasures, or flattered by the rich or powerful, they will see how the mind feels happy and attentive to such seductions; and also how the mind reacts to censure, dishonor, or the denial of the object of desire. It shows that the desire for honor and respect and fame and for travels and sight-seeing is still very strong in the mind. To look upon outward renunciation, detachment, or the reading of spiritual books as true Parmarth is also a mistake, for the mind is not vanquished by these means.”

“… What boots it to denounce the pleasures of this world and the next as the refuse on which crows feed, while secretly the mind harbors the desire for and seeks the opportunities to enjoy those very pleasures? Alas, they do not even realize the discrepancy between what they say and what they do!”


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